DogClick Quick: When something terrible happens as fast as when the dog runs across your keyboard and permanently deletes four hours of laptop work. Example: When Mary doesn't like someone, she lashes out at them dogClick quick with verbal abuse. Beered-up: Having a belly full of beer and a mind that's just as liquid. Being drunk on beer and stupid at the same time. Example: Bob was so beered-up that he tripped on his own feet and fell face-first into the fireplace while laughing as if his actions were excellent entertainment and pre-planned. Blabberjockey: Someone you would tell a secret or rumor to if you wanted it to be spread around. An individual who tells everything he or she knows to everyone. A blabber mouth gossip who is compelled to tell all without discretion or consideration for any ramifications. Example: I told her my feet hurt. Now everyone is giving me home remedies for gout. She's quite the blabberjockey. Comediotic: Funny, laughable; but idiotic, stupid, ignorant, imbecilic. Silly. Funny in an odd way. Example: My hair is attached to my head. Pardon my prior comediotic statement. My hair is still in place. Cynoptimist: A pessimist who is driven by hope. A paradoxical balance between being a skeptic and a utopian idealist. Wishfully wary. A guarded viewpoint with no tangible protection. Reckless yet cautious or reckless prudence. Circumspect with abandon. Example: He does not believe in God, but he hopes there is one, making him a cynoptimist about faith in a higher power. Dewussification: The act of removing the stigma of being a wuss. Changing one's persona from being a pussy-cat to that of something more manly. Example: When Kinky Friedman ran for Texas Governor in 2006, one of his stated goals was the dewussification of Texas. "How hard could it be?" Oneupted: Verb—Taking the next step in a process and usually to an extreme. The act of oneupmanship with the intention of showing off. Besting all predecessors to the nth degree. Example: That guy just oneupted my idea for cold beer and hot dogs with his idea for cold beer, hot dogs, and chili cheese fries with cilantro on top. Slaphappiest: Happier than slap happy, and the best of all slaphappier options. Example: I was slaphappier with blue or green over red. I'm slaphappiest with gray. Viralmanic: The state of overly loving things that are going VIRAL in a rapid ascent. Becoming Virally frenzied, feverish, mad, insane, maniacal, crazed. Example: The story about Brian Williams lying on television is so compelling that it has made me viralmanic to the point that I inject it into every conversation. Your Word: See your new word here and in Urban Dictionary. Send your words and definitions to: or use the form below. Example: Your word goes viral!